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View Diary: Rahm Caught Red Handed By State Officials (239 comments)

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  •  oh dear (2+ / 0-)
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    flitedocnm, Superskepticalman

    Let's reflect on Rahm's 8 (?) years of work in Congress trying to pull the party to the Right, supporting corporations, opposing, undercutting and maligning progressive candidates in Democratic primaries, eviscerating local party organizations in favor of DC consultants, and so on.  Y

    ou can find, oh, I'd say, 25 recommended diaries about this in the past 6 years....  Please do some research.  Rahm's a DLC operative / bigwig.  With friends like these we get nowhere.  The 1% - the .01% - absolutely needs guys like this.  

    (Do you seriously think the leadership of the Democratic Party likes DFHs?????  Evidence please?)

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