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    I think you raised some valid criticisms of Loonwatch here, and it was brave of you to make them here where you probably knew there would be a hostile response.

    However, I think some of your accusations aren't backed up with sufficient evidence. For example, your accusations of their support for terrorism and radical Islam should not be made so lightly based on impressions. Those are pretty serious allegations, and serious allegations require stronger support than their lies of omission and so forth. (And just because Loonwatch engages in smear, insult, and unsubstantiated allegation, doesn't mean others should resort to similar tactics when critiquing them).

    You wrote:
    " [lacks] basic empathy for human beings who are being victimized daily by the human rights abuses of fundamentalist Islam."

    They don't give much attention to the non-Muslim minorities throughout the Islamic world who are persecuted and oppressed. It is a problem to the extent that they try to deny or minimize this. However, besides that, I wouldn't have a problem with them just focusing on anti-Muslim bigotry (i.e., the instances of harassment, assault, vandalism, larger issues such as civilian casualties, etc.).

    Loonwatch certainly didn't show empathy toward some people they've attacked, like Rifqa Bary, Molly Norris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and others. You know something's amiss when Loonwatch is attacking victims or potential victims of Islamic extremism such as these, while defending Islam.

    I also agree with you in making a distinction between Spencer and some of the others. While I disagree with Spencer on numerous issues, I think he is indeed relatively reasonable, given the heated polemic exchanges, and frankly looks like a saint next to the Loonwatch writer Danios who attacks him with such vitriol, unsubstantiated allegations, and fabrications.

    I agree with what you say about Loonwatch not accepting criticism of Islam per se. I'm familiar enough with the site to know that they don't accept any Islam critics. If there is an acceptable way to criticize Islam in their view, to my knowledge they have not yet shared that with us (and I've followed their site a fair bit). This becomes an issue on the site when they are presenting apologetic articles about various aspects of Islam; those who take a critical perspective in response are automatically accused of bigotry, ignorance, etc.

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