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View Diary: Jim Hightower Names Genuine Populists Running for Congress (17 comments)

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    Is Schneider a corporatist Democrat?

    There is a two word answer.  Ben Nelson. Schneider's campaign manager is a former staffer to Senator Ben Nelson of (Mutual of Omaha) Nebraska, as well as a current finance officer for Nelson.

    Or how about a TLA (three letter acronym), NDC. That is the New Democratic Coalition, an organization of House Democrats who are not progressive, to say the least.

    Know him by the company he keeps. Schneider will campaign hard on his most progressive positions, e.g. choice, environment, infrastructure spending, but he will spend  his time in office, if elected, carrying water for the 1%.

    Here is how Huffington Post put it this week:

    Old MoveOn Guy Beating Blue Dog In Illinois Primary - Pass the popcorn. Buttered, please. Lynn Sweet: "In the north suburban Illinois Tenth House Democratic primary contest, a new poll taken by a group backing [BOLD AWESOME PROGRESSIVE] Ilya Sheyman shows Sheyman ahead by two points of [DIRTBAG BLUE DOG DEMOCRAT] Brad Schneider but in a statistical tie." "Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly want a bold progressive candidate who will fight for Wall Street accountability and government investment in jobs -- not a conservative Democrat like Brad Schneider," Neil Sroka, spokesman for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, backing Sheyman, said in a statement

    Bumpersticker: GOP. Cheering Death. Booing Soldiers. Join Us.

    by LeftOfYou on Sun Jan 15, 2012 at 01:50:57 PM PST

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