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  •  I'm an atheist and do not accept (4+ / 0-)
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    Fiona West, TexH, Onomastic, Mathazar

    the Bible as the word of anyone, but that's just BS. Not all over the Jewish bible. And the rule against combining wool and linen does not call for the death penalty, it is just forbidden.

    I have no problem with rants against religion, but when you make stuff up, our side loses credibility.

    •  But I am Religion! I get to make up my own facts. (1+ / 0-)
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      God told me I could do that. What's the problem here?

      God also told me that anyone that doesn't accept my facts (which, remember, come from God) is going to Hell. It's in the Bible! That's all I have to say, "it's in the Bible", God says when I say that, wham bam, end of conversation, I win.

      See, just like that.

      And yes, there is a Hell. God told me so.

      Oh, and God also told me that anyone who doesn't donate me a gazillion dollars is going to Hell too. So hey, y'all pay up now!

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