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View Diary: Health Insurers Refuse to Rescind "Unreasonable" Rates; Snub Feds (250 comments)

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  •  Only if that battle is allowed to be fought (10+ / 0-)

    Yes, if allowed to compete openly, Medicare can drive private insurance out of business.  But do you think the GOP will allow that to happen?  If we take back the House, we may have a shot at making this a reality - putting Medicare for All on the exchange.  But I have never seen that listed as a viable proposal.  Did I miss something?

    And it really is a lot to expect at this point that an abusive insurance company actually will be locked out of the exchange.  Maybe another company will see an opportunity to pick up customers and offer a non-abusive rate.

    But where in this lobbist and 1% infested Congress do you see anyone who's willing to stand up to a bully corporation?  Hasn't happened yet in the banking industry...

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