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View Diary: I don't understand Juan Williams (A Rant) (81 comments)

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    ivorybill, fou, Deep Texan

    Last night really pushed me closer to the edge.
    As I said during the liveblog of the debate, this was hate on steroids.
    These good white "christians" didn't even bother to hide or code what they were saying or doing.
    It was right out in the open for the world to see.
    My problem with Juan is that his question - however he may have intended it - sounded suspiciously as if he was giving the odious newt another chance to demonize black and brown people. What did Juan think newt was going to say?
    Did he prepare for that answer and have a follow up?
    His questions were naive at best and played into the stereotypes at best.
    If you are going to represent our views, we need a lot more sophistication.

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