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    Only the smallest fringe people don't agree that it would be better for black people to have paychecks than food stamps, or that low-income kids couldn't benefit from a little cash and a lesson in the value of a work.

    I completely reject this framing.  It's racist.  The "question" of whether or not we black people would be better off working is flat out racist.  We work our asses off.  We work just as hard, if not harder than any other Americans and the only people who would consider this a legitimate "question" with which they agree are those that believe, to whatever degree, the lie that we're lazy or that we don't work to begin with.

    Nobody debates the "question" of whether or not white Americans would be better or working or with food stamps.  This despite the fact that they represent the majority of people on the welfare rolls.

    •  We're not "working our asses off" (0+ / 0-)

      We may want to work our asses off, but the plain facts are that most working-age black men in America don't even have a full-time job. The official unemployment rate is 16%, and if you count people who have dropped out of the labor force, it's far higher. In most cities, the rate for black youth is over 50%.

      I don't see what's inherently racist about stating that black people would be better off if more of us were receiving paychecks instead of food stamps. It's a simple fact; we would be. I hear it everyday in South Central Los Angeles: the number one thing that people in the community need is a job. Nearly everything else flows from there.

      People do all the time talk about jobs v. government dependency as it relates to not just blacks, but whites as well. That's the basic debate about economic policy, "trickle-down", the size of the welfare state, etc.

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