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View Diary: Situation Normal, All Fracked Up: Obama embraces fracking (150 comments)

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    This diary is an overreaction to a rather temperate report but all the 'Obama is a traitor' blather aside, there are valid concerns about various aspects of this, such as:

    1) Is there really such a large amount of extractable gas, or is this another case of over-optimistic calculations and assumptions?

    2) How much of it will stay in the US and how much will be exported?

    3) Can all of it really be safely extracted?

    4) Is this push for NG really about better energy/energy independence or is it more about short-term profit taking and undermining non-fossil fuel remedies?

    Given how many instances we have from industry flaks of things like "energy too cheap to meter!" and "asbestos!  what could possibly go wrong?", it is hardly surprising many people are a little wary.  In fact, they'd be stupid to not be wary.

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