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    We simply aren't going to get world society off of the carbon diet without a plan for transitioning out of the capitalist system.  Period.  Everything else is pretend.

    We need a different president to make this transition out of the capitalist/corporatist system. Instead, Obama has led us down the corporate garden path. For example, Obama had the chance to go for a public health insurance system when he had better support in Congress than he has now. We might not have gotten single payer/Medicare for All but he might have held the flame aloft toward a public rather than private solution, compromising (for then) on a strong public option, with a plan to make the PO bigger over the next few years after we kept selling the single player concept and educating the public -- but no, Obama sold out the public option in a backroom deal. We'll never get public solutions until we elect a House and Senate who will bring in public campaign financing and free TV time for candidates and break the corporate carbon money grip.

    This is all obvious but walking through it anyway because it is a process and there are necessary building blocks we need to put in place first.

    For example, we need to make the PR talking points on the transition to sustainable/green energy appealing and attractive ("sexy"). We have to make efficiency, insulation and conservation exciting -- quite a challenge -- but look what VW did with the Beetle, what Madison Ave did with Levy's bread and Alka Selzer (I date myself but you know what I mean). The carbon industry has used their gargantuan profits to buy the brains of Madison Avenue. They own terms like "clean energy future" used by Chesapeake which the media diligently stenographs without a rebuttal quote -- it's the BIG LIE when applied to shale gas. We can beat that! We can tell the truth and make it compelling. The green energy direction is our clean energy future, not theirs. Let's get this turned around and take back the truth. Images in language are key.

    Start with this small example: Shale gas touted as a "transitional bridge" is a rope bridge in the jungle -- shaky, temporary and dangerous. We want to get across it as quickly and safely as humanly possible.


    This is a propaganda war and carbon has been winning. No longer! Let's turn it around after we take back the House (rebut these awful Tea Party people, for chrissake!); get a stronger Senate; get public financing of elections and a president more committed to the public interest. Don't get suckered again. It might take a couple of rounds, we may not have time but this is where we're going.
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