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  •  tonite, i knocked on the door (3+ / 0-)
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    DannyB, David Kroning II, bwren

    of a really wonderful person and handed her my back rent - in cash.  (paypal cleared it to my account today, and with the checks that arrived from more awesome kossacks, i watched her eyes open in amazement and her smile broaden - and HER faith in people was also opened by all of your generosity!)

    you all have inspired me (and many others here who write AND just lurk) to be better - to DO better!

    and you all have shown that caring is never wrong - it SHOULD be the better part of all of us!

    i am looking forward to the future (because of all of you) and looking forward to paying forward this gift you all have given me - i have a solemn obligation to be better so i CAN do that!

    you have taught me that we all matter - those who give and those who need - and that the cycle goes on to make sure that all those who are part of the circle can grow and give and ensure that we ALL can move forward together.

    short response to this diary?

    i love you folks - all of you - i really do!  you give meaning to being alive!

    thank you!

    Is GlowNZ back yet?

    by edrie on Tue Jan 17, 2012 at 10:53:43 PM PST

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