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    The giant Hovensa oil refinery that has dominated the economy and part of the landscape of the island of St. Croix for decades will cease operations next month, the operator said Wednesday.

    The company's website says it is still one of the 10 largest oil refineries in the world, but the closure is not expected to have a major effect on the oil industry

    Here go the gasoline futures...

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      bear83, MichaelNY

      Well there we go.  There's nothing new in 2012, which i think we'll see.  Sure we'll get the spike and it'll suck, but the world won't end.

      I'm curious about how the Sunoco refineries in Philadelphia will end up.  Its looking like they might end up being retired and that could cause a decline in US refining capacity, though not enough to move the needle (520,000 barrels per day) that much.  

      I think that's the next thing we'll see. It's Enron all over again, we'll see traders bribing refinery officials to have maintenance announcements and such and shut down refineries temporarily.  Combine this with corporations selling/closing refineries and we'll see some Enron attempts, though i think people are aware of this situation since Enron.

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