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View Diary: Limiting child farm labor promotes obesity, says Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley (88 comments)

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    So far, I can find no source for the cited Labor Dept. stat that the fatality rate for child agricultural workers is 4x non-agricultural child workers. Table 6.2 on p.60 of this study [] suggests that it might be a little less than 2x. That table claims that 200 youths under 18 died in "agricultural, forestry and fishing" employment in the 6 years 1992-98. While that is extremely unfortunate, this is about 35 deaths annually (spread over 3 industries). Compared to the 6000 or so kids who die annually from accident and illness, it's not exactly a shocking ratio. If what we wish to do is to save large numbers of children, there might be better places to put our efforts—not least because virtually all sources studying the issue of children in agriculture agree that it is nearly an impossible matter to police.

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