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View Diary: I didn't come to start a class war, I came to end one (153 comments)

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  •  It's not much, but I just sent you contribution (9+ / 0-)

    via PayPal as my way of saying simply, " thank you and keep up the fight". I  support you and all the OWS patriots, and will join in wherever and however I can. I've already been involved in some of the OWS protests here in Pittsburgh, and it felt so good to be DOING SOMETHING and feeling like I'm speaking up and fighting back with other citizens collectively, other than just calling my reps on the phone again or sending another email or signing another petition.

    Not voting is certainly anyone's right and option, but it sure is, IMHO, giving the 1% a better chance at keeping and increasing their power and influence in government and therefore over the quality of all of our lives. If the temporary satisfaction that not voting gives you is worth the risk of enough other people doing the same thing and giving the GOP a close enough race to cheat their way again to another win via the corporate owned voting machines, then guess neither I or Jesse or anyone else can talk you out of it but we will all pay the price. The top 1% will too, but will be better dressed, better fed and in nicer housed as they watch it happen.

    We can speak out and fight for all the things we want, but that doesn't mean we should accept only 100% of what we want right now or let them take over and screw us all. Those aren't the only options. This may be a long, hard struggle to get to where this country's wounds are really starting to heal. There is a political reality that exists and has to be acknowledged, fueled by a dug-in elite establishment who has garnered a very powerful hold on Washington and while a bottoms-up people's movement is essential to getting this thing turned around, it likely will take time to make all the progress we want -- and Obama has had to deal with that reality too, because he isn't a frickin' King and he came to office with the economy in near meltdown.  He can't wave a wand and make stuff happen by himself; that's not the way it works, despite us wanting it to work that way. We won't always agree with him and his administration and should speak out when we don't, but just think about a Romney administration and a Republican controlled Congress and more Republicans on the Supreme Court (now arguably the most powerful branch of government and may be called Kings with some seriousness) and how much more damage that could do to our country. Eight years of Bush nearly sank us and we're still trying to dig ourselves out from the carnage wrought under his administration.

    Our lives, our futures, our kids and grand kids futures, the health of the planet itself and the survival of ALL it's inhabitants (even the wealthy ones can't escape that consequence) is in the balance here. With the power of money and religion in government and the state of inequality in our country at a stage that hasn't ever been seen before -- we who are awake to all this bullshit and ignorance have a job to do and keep doing: wake up everyone else via information and an education in the truth which they aren't getting from our media or so called representatives, and keep up the pressure by protesting in ways that can't be ignored.

    People will do stupid stuff to make the movement look bad and cause trouble  - so EXPECT that, have a plan to combat and prevent it where possible, but go on regardless. Screw them - it won't matter, because the sheer numbers and amount of pressure we will all bring will drown all that out as the truth gets out and spreads. We can't worry about the rare instances of assholes causing trouble and the media hype about it, b/c it will continue to happen - so accept it, have a plan to address it, but show resolve and solidarity in the midst of that and keep moving forward. If it is denounced repeatedly with a strong message of nonviolent civil disobedience and protest, it will eventually get through to enough people to drown out and render the media's judgement meaningless because they too will risk being targeted as part of the 1% (and therefore not to be trusted) and when the movement gets strong enough (and it will), they too will get behind the parade waving a OWS flag because the tides will turn. So will more and more legislators.

    As Thom Hartmann always says, we don't elect leaders. Politicians will respond to populist movements if enough people demand action and a parade forms that is gaining momentum, they will jump out in front of it and start waving a flag. As long as they listen to our demands and respond, they should be welcomed to the parade no matter how much we wince - b/c they still are going to be the ones to enact the policy changes necessary. won't be easy or without immense frustration, but patience and perseverance no matter what is key to winning the war that we didn't start but will ultimately win.

    Good luck and thank you Jesse -- if you're ever in Pittsburgh, I hope to get to meet you.....

    Rethug policies to address: 1) Overturn Citizens United via a Constitutional Amendment, 2) Reinstate Glass-Steagall and uh...let's see...the third rethug policy to eliminate is...umm...thought it was written on my hand...I can't..sorry...oops

    by Kim from Pgh PA on Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 08:08:36 AM PST

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