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View Diary: Newt Gingrich reiterates his plans to be an outlaw president, or if you prefer, a dictator (191 comments)

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  •  Oh, and Gingrich is an offensive (2+ / 0-)
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    DSPS owl, kait

    asshole in so many ways.  Where is the Republican party dredging up these old men and other assorted idiots (McCain, Palin, Bachman, Gingrich,  Romney, Perry, Santorum, etc.)?

    Gingrich is a master asshole, in fact.  I find him personally and politically repulsive.  How is it that so many Republicans think so much of him?  How is that that they were supportive of McCain and Palin?  How can they possibly get behind Santorm or Perry?  And Bachman?  How the fuck can they support these people?  These are politicians/leaders that are failures - textbook examples of failures.  We need to add Governors Walker and Scott into the Republican Club of Failures.  And now, Santorum and Gingrich and Romney?  

    How can any of these failures be supported & elected?  Is it because Republicans (and some Democrats, it seems as some Democrats must have voted for these jerks) are themselves failures as human beings?   Where is compassion, an intelligent world view, knowledge about historical context, past Republican abuses?  Why have they failed as informed & intelligent citizens/voters?  It is all beyond my understanding.  How did Republicans and other Americans vote George W. Bush back into office after it became painfully known that he was an ignorant buffoon and that he was being controlled by Cheney & Rove/Addington and the right wing Neocons in the Republican party?  

    Something is terribly wrong in the United States.  Something derailed the beginnings of a sensible, fair and progressiver world power with a promising future for her people.  There were laws, rules and regulations that benefitted American citizens.  There were progressive trends in the US including Social Security and other social safety net programs such as a good GI Bill that helped veterans succeed in our system (I got my Bachelor's degree and got help in caring for a young son post Vietnam).  

    Then - Reagan came along.  Reagan changed the country.  The Republican party became hostile (I would say hatefu)l toward the US Constitution, the American dream and the middle and working classes and the poor in our countrty.  The GOP became a party that disrespects the common man and worships corporatists, corporations a the Neocon dream of world domination and American power and might in service to corporations and the rich.  It is so sad to those of us who grew up during the Kennedy/LBJ Civil Rights era.  Our dreams of a just and great country providing a social contract and upward mobility for all - died on the vice.  Actually it was killed by the right wing of the Republican party - with some help from Blue Dogs and other misguided folks.

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