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View Diary: How and Why is a Terrorist Spin Control Network (330 comments)

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  •   already have PTSD from this (0+ / 0-)

    and wish i never joined this...i have been sitting at my computer trying to tell you where i am coming from all really do not listen...just worried about your HR's and ratings and mojos...i wasted my day off...ugh i deserve an HR for that

    •  IF you perhaps took part in a wider selection of (5+ / 0-)

      diaries and participated more fully in the site, you wouldn't be having this problem right now.

      perhaps an explanation as to why you post 99% of your comments in only one diarist's work would make this site less suspicious... there is a long history of sockpuppetry around here and we don't take kindly to it.  

      your participation heavily indicated that you might be just that - a second user id of another person.  now, the ball is in your court to change that perception.

      Is GlowNZ back yet?

      by edrie on Sat Jan 21, 2012 at 02:42:25 PM PST

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      •  yes, "Bette Kibble" has a lot of explaining to do (4+ / 0-)

        If it's a sock I bet we won't hear from this account again, because Bell is probably busy registering some new accounts instead.  If the account is legit, I don't see what someone who is this clueless about bigotry and human rights has in common with the community here.

        •  let's give her a chance to grow - that is what we (7+ / 0-)

          do around here - share ideas and educate!

          if she isn't what she says and is a sock, well... time will tell on that one.  

          oh god.

          shades of slouise....  AAAAEEEEEEEIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!  the thought is enough to make me bald!  

          i don't see bette as that type of destructive creature so i'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt... for the moment.

          she could be a friend who joined to give support.  that's okay - but i would like to see her participate elsewhere, otherwise, her credibility is always in question.

          a friend who ONLY shows up for one diarist isn't offering support as much as bringing up questions.  this community has a wide buffet to offer and to limit the intake to one muffin seems such a sad waste of how to use this site.

          Is GlowNZ back yet?

          by edrie on Sat Jan 21, 2012 at 03:50:53 PM PST

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