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View Diary: Hollywood bought its politicians, and it expects them to stay bought (284 comments)

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  •  SOPA/PIPA is to cutting down online piracy (10+ / 0-)

    as closing a retail store is to eliminating shoplifting.

    If you own a store, "loss" is part of the cost of doing business. You do what you can to minimize it but you don't SHUT THE STORE DOWN.

    Piracy of entertainment content is part of the cost of doing business in this day and age. I know hollywood would love to go back to the days where the only place you could see their work was in a musty old theater. When the only person who could really "pirate" a movie was the projectionist. But goddamnit it's not 1974 and there will be piracy. You don't SHUT THE WHOLE INTERNET DOWN to stop loss. And even if you did, it wouldn't work.


    I've become re-radicalized. Thanks a lot you bunch of oligarchical fascist sons-of-bitches. But once again, I have no choice. Bring it the fuck on.

    by mdmslle on Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 01:13:26 PM PST

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    •  I've been following the legal shenanigans (7+ / 0-)

      of the MPAA and RIAA for more than ten years, as well as how the Internet has affected both the bloated business models of corporate media as well as the possibilities it has afforded to alternative methods of distribution.

      To take your metaphor one step further, the RIAA and MPAA don't want to shut down the store: they want to make it the only store in town, with a monopoly on prices and products.

      Copyright concern and piracy is a smokescreen.

      "Space Available" is the largest retail chain in the nation.

      by Free Jazz at High Noon on Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 02:11:27 PM PST

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