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View Diary: Barack breaks into song at the Apollo (291 comments)

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  •  boy is he good at it ... :-) (6+ / 0-)

    yesterday night I was just wondering why so many people believe it's good for Obama to have Newt as an opponent, because Newt was just playing his huge schoolyard racist bullying role all too well.

    And I asked myself if Obama is able to knock this guy down. So far Obama has never been shown his boxing qualities, just his Baskettball capabilities. I thought that Newt needs a "Muahamed Ali" opponent to put him down on the mat.  

    But then I wondered hearing him singing, if he actually could neutralize all these guys just by singing, mocking, teasing and wiping the dirt of his shoulders.

    People, who hate Obama for who he is, can't stand that all their hate seems to just run off his coat. That's Obama's great strength. He keeps singling, playing and smiling. For the campaign fights to come that's a good attitude.

    Well, no way that we don't stand together to send those Republicans to Mars and let them hang out there for good.

    I dare not to think about what comes after he has won his second term.

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