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View Diary: Kirsten Gillibrand trying to have her cake, and eat it too, on PIPA (229 comments)

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  •  Standing behind SOPA/PIPA in the first place means (6+ / 0-)

    that you're ignorant of the technology behind the internet, and quite frankly, the entire "culture" of the internet.

    ...and I have never been one to approve of ignorance.

    •  Not everyone is as enlightened as the DKos (0+ / 0-)

      community about the workings of the Internet. She supported a bill that she thought would help and has now learned that it will hurt more than it helps. So she stepped back from her support. So, what, now she should be attacked because she doesn't know the details of how the Internet works? BREAKING NEWS - Gillibrand, like most people in the world, have no fucking idea how the Internet works. But, at least, she's willing to listen. Apparently that's not good enough for you and others.

      •  No. (3+ / 0-)
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        Odysseus, Laconic Lib, Brown Thrasher

        I worked at an internet provider starting in '94.  The Congress that passed the DMCA showed they were clueless as to the workings of the internet.  However, this was understandable as it was a new medium, and these people were OLD.

        Sen. Gillibrand is only 45.  She was in her 20's when the internet first came about.  I find it hard to believe that she's clueless as to how the internet works.  Is it more likely that a Gen X'er is clueless about the internet, or that she has been lobbied by the MPAA/RIAA to be against the bill?

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