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  •  neither PIPA or SOPA (0+ / 0-)

    "handed over control of the internet to a bunch of wealthy entertainment industry executives"... so the basis of that argument is moot. No action would have been taken without the Justice Dept and a judge being involved.

    That said... I don't think that the solution provided by SOPA or PIPA was grounded in reality... because even if the domain was blocked, it could be easily circumvented. Not only that - as pointed out by many engineers - it broke how the internet works.

    I think that SOPA and PIPA DID have part of the solution... to go after the people who enable the pirates to make money from piracy... the bankers who pay them... the processors who take payments for them and the hosts who host them.

    A perfect example is megaupload who had hundreds of servers here in the US. If you made it illegal to serve pirates... that would end that in a hurry. However, I think that there should be a minimum standard to make the host accountable... meaning that they shouldn't be responsible for sites that are below the radar.

    Many people will say that requiring hosts to pay attention to what they host is equivalent to making them the police and that it's a violation of the privacy of the customers who use their service.

    I think that this is a flawed argument for a simple reason... No brick and mortar business can knowingly allow criminal activity to occur in their business. If they do, they are a conspirator. A host provides a service to customers by lending them their facilities in return for payment. If criminal activity is occurring in their establishment... and they know it... they should be held accountable for facilitating that criminal behavior.

    I have been a professional web developer for more than 15 years... believe me... that host in Virginia knew that megaupload was serving large amounts of pirated content... they let it pass because they were also earning money from it.

    I also think that US based advertisers, payment processors, etc should be held responsible for facilitating the financial gain of a criminal enterprise that is obvious. Right now, there are all kinds of US based companies that pay these sites to advertise their products/services because they have no liability for the  content of the site they are advertising on or processing payments for. You can't tell me that they don't know. I know better.

    This is nothing less than a giant money making scheme for many industries... this is criminal capitalism.

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