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    the flaw in what you were saying... you say it's bullshit to have to pay those prices for the game... I say that if you don't like the prices you don't have to play the game... not entirely useless.

    •  Useless (0+ / 0-)

      because well, NO SHIT I CAN CHOOSE TO NOT PLAY THE GAME, thanks, Captain Obvious.

      We were discussing a certain business model now in use by certain game companies.

      The poster I was replying to said the entire model was bullshit. My reply was simply that I was personally okay with the monthly payments, because of the upkeep and extra content you are given, but that I thought the initial price for the software was bullshit.

      Despite the fact that I happen to think this business model is somewhat flawed (and because of it, prevents me from trying out many of the MMOs out on the market), I played WoW since launch up until last year, and more recently picked up TOR. But if game companies dropped the initial price or got rid of it completely, I think a lot more people would be willing to try MMOs out and subscribe.

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