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View Diary: Chuck Todd takes on the possible 'agenda' of ... Stephen Colbert? (286 comments)

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    Kudos to "Hunter" for this excellent commentary on the efforts by MSNBC's Chuck Todd to criticize the Stephen Colbert "presidential campaign." Everything said in this article was 100% correct. IMO, Colbert has more class, intelligence, integrity, honesty and any other good trait you can think of than all the GOP presidential candidates put together. (Of course, with this pack of lying, thieving bums, I guess that's not saying much.)

    ALL good political satire is based on the TRUTH. Colbert's lampooning of our election process in general, and the Republican candidates in particular, is indeed spot on. There is no need to minimize, criticize or take humorous pokes at these guys. They're doing a mighty find job of it THEMSELVES. Colbert's antics are not only taking shots at these boobs. He is also drawing Americans' attention to the Super PACs and how dangerous Citizens United and influx of filthy lucre into the candidates' huge war chests from corporate interests will be in determining how our political process will work from here on out. And why CAN'T comedians and political satirists have an "agenda" that favors one party over another? Don't THEY have the rights to free speech and to support what and whom they choose in elections?

    Finally, Chuck Todd is turning into a fucking neocon idiot. I used to like the guy, but since he was promoted to MSNBC's senior political go-to guy, he's gotten quite full of himself. In fact, I don't watch his morning program anymore, since he's turned into such a serious creep.

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