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  •  It's not only these companies. (7+ / 0-)

    that are responsible for these terrible labor conditions.
    It was inevitable - as Ross Perot insisted when he was running against Clinton and Bush - and warned that if NAFTA etc were "successful" we would hear the "sucking sound" of jobs leaving the country.

    Wiser heads in the Democratic Party wanted language in legislation to specify that trade agreements required our trading partners to abide by stringent employment and environmental standards or else there would be a race to the bottom as American workers' jobs went to low wage earners and polluting companies overseas.

    I've always wondered how much thought Clinton gave this.
    I know the Republicans didn't give a damn - at least those running for office.
    Indeed, George H.W Bush eventually invested in China (I think I read at the time via Carlyle Corp. as did many prominent Republicans and Democrats) selling American workers down the river.

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