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  •  Foxcomm, etc (5+ / 0-)

    I was SO happy to see a diary on the subject of that OUTRAGEOUS Times article!  As we learn from Mike Daisey's superb piece (available at, among other places) the reason China and Foxcomm  can outbid America on producing quickly and cheaply is not any of the self-serving, sanctimonious BS listed in the article ("American workers don't have the skills," etc) but rather the fact that China permits its population to work under conditions akin to slavery that have been abolished in the West for at least 100 years -- if in fact such incredibly savage conditions ever existed in Europe or the US. Child labor (Mike Daisey found workers as young as 13); a level of enviornmental contamination that we have entirely forbidden; allowing workers to handle materials that quickly destroy their health -- and then firing them, leraving them destitute:  Do we really want to compete with China, to see who can kill off more workers, more quickly? Do we really want to return to a level of industrial regulation that pertained before the Industrial revolution, and that still pertains in China today?

    Or do we, rather, want to expose and denounce China's industrial practices, which are destroying out economic base while violating all of the industrial norms of the civilized world?

    Someone should blast the Times for this grossly misleading piece --which, among other things, simply feeds into Rebublican cries  for less regulation, etc.

    Good for you! Terrific Diary!  We need more of the same!

    •  Thank you (0+ / 0-)

      yours is the first comment I read that approached this angle.

      As terrible as the conditions in China are today, is it really any different than late 19th century US? We destroyed our environment, locked workers in sweat shops for endless hours. China is only going through an industrial change as western countries did 100 years prior.

      Im not saying its right only acknowledging the obvious.

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