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  •  They would not become obsolete (6+ / 0-)

    Because we would NOT be willing to replace them so quickly, if they cost us more.  Frankly, it's the culture of Cheap that creates the culture of Throwaway.  You don't throw away things that cost you a bundle.  You conserve, repair, and re-use.  It's the ability to produce and dump on the market for less than the costs of repairing an existing product, that enables our profoundly wasteful eagerness to constantly have the Newest, the Biggest, and the "Best" (most recently advertised bells & whistles), to the point where a sufficiently critical mass of consumers upgrades equipment leaving those who WANT to conserve, being FORCED to upgrade due to compatibility issues.

    A nasssty little item called a "tariff" could fix this issue overnight, if it didn't violate the religious tenets of Modern Capitalism.  Old-fashioned Capitalism had no such compunctions, with Tariff structures underpinning the original development of pretty much all industrial powerhouses.

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