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  •  Well dear diarist... You should be! (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm not really trying to pressure Apple or any other company but trying to generate a discussion on solutions to this problem.

    Solving the problem?  

    Occupy Apple
    Occupy Al Gore (does he still sit on the board?)
    Occupy the others on the list

    Kick ass and bring the jobs home!  I don't know how I managed to have missed this story for so long!  Thanks for telling it here and at this time.

    Yeah, we all love our Macs, don't we?  I love mine and it's the first one I've ever had.  I don't even know how to use it, but if I had known it was made by slave labor in China, I would not have purchased it.

    So we like Apple, but if we LOVE AMERICA, if we want our country to survive this man made/corporation made SCREWED up mess, we better occupy and treat them like we would treat any of the Wall Street gangsters!  It's true.  Think about it.  :-)

    This makes me sick.  I hope you organize something.  Get the word out.  Talk to Keith O and ask him to put pressure on Gore (ha! his boss).  

    Let us save lives, the economy, the world and restore our ailing and sick country back to life.

    •  Very few would be willing to criticise Apple. (1+ / 0-)
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      Being thought of as uncool is death in America.

      We are sheep.  

      •  I have no problem criticizing Apple. (3+ / 0-)
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        joeshwingding, victoria2dc, Odysseus

        The reason I asked is that Foxconn gets business from tons of equipment manufacturers and ONLY taking Apple out of the equation isn't going stop this company from doing business the way they are.  If you want change, you have to pressure all of the companies that do business with them.

        •  Fine then. Let's do that... (0+ / 0-)

          What is the purpose of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Everywhere?  Because we go after the banks and the media don't you think it's time to bring the tech industry back home take back our jobs and our place as the FORMER technology leader of the world?  They must make sacrifices too.  What about the millions of jobs they could create here... now is the time.  If not now, when?  Will there ever be another chance like this?  I doubt it seriously.

        •  Yes, but we have to start somewhere, and Apple (0+ / 0-)

          has made themselves a great target by claiming to be so special & different.

          Their arrogance is stunning.  Remember when they used John Lennon as a pitchman...Lennon having died before Apple's time?

      •  Well it is time that this heard of SHEEP turn (1+ / 0-)
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        the other way and walk up to the mountain top.   Steve Jobs should earn his SUPERHERO status this time.  Al Gore could fix this if he were so inclined.  Why are people dying for my Mac, your iPhone, your iPad?  Something is wrong here, don't you think?  I am very disappointed.

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