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  •  Heh. You know what happens if you do that, right? (0+ / 0-)

    Then the Foxconn recruiters start selling the jobs - you can't get the job unless you pay the recruiter RMB 10,000 or if you're his type maybe he lets you have the job for a blow job.

    This happens at a lot of factories that increase salaries over the local wage rate for social compliance reasons.  The workers end up no better off but the factory becomes a stew of corruption - the workers pay the recruiters for their jobs, the recruiters pay the HR managers for their jobs, the HR managers pay the head of HR for their jobs, and the head of HR pays the factory manager for his job.

    The factory owners hate this - it's even worse than having to raise wages because once you get this culture it spreads into procurement, admin, etc. and suddenly everyone is stealing from you, including the people who are supposed to be stopping workers from stealing from you.  I worked with one factory in Pakistan where workers were stealing equipment components, throwing them out the window to confederates who would come to the factory door the next morning trying to sell them back at a lower price than buying replacement equipment.

    The only people who lose out in an arrangement like that are the people at the bottom - the workers - since they can't extract rents from anyone below them.

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