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View Diary: Climate change, or just coincidence? Some numbers to help you decide... (26 comments)

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    Even if the Republican party wasn't so friendly to racist, homophobic, anti union sentiments, it would still be impossible to give them any respect, since they so vehemently deny a huge preponderance of FACTS. And that these facts so clearly indicate a need to stop burning oil and coal, and find a better way, why, that would interfere with the greed of their owners.

    The human race; big mistake, or bad idea?

    •  "The human race; big mistake, or bad idea?" (2+ / 0-)
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      Eric Twocents, The grouch

      The sad/funny/fascinating  thing is, the planet doesn't care; for all the changes we've made to its surface, the earth would go along happily spinning its way through space for billions of years without us here--just as it did for billions of years before we showed up.

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        I had a friend who was into spelunking, and she said that in geologic time, we were just a flyspeck,  and whatever mistakes we make will be washed away by the eons. The thing is, I actually care about people, a few at a time, and I'm so saddened by the suffering that is coming to those of us who live long enough, and their children's children. (not mine-don't have any)

        I don't live in "geologic" time, I just stumble along day by day, hoping to bring a little fun and as little harm as possible along the way. When I see the cruel disregard for the ecosystem that we as a species need to survive, it bewilders me.

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