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  •  i know a lot of people want free music, (2+ / 0-)
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    caryltoo, verdeo

    but who's going to try to do it for a living if your contribution has no value? could i then, come down to where you work and get your product or service, or whatever you do, for free?
    because cheeseburgers belong to the people, right?  
    the big companies are parasitical to a degree, that's true, and that stranglehold has been broken, but there needs to be some sort of encryption to protect the people who have put their LIVES ON THE LINE to do art.
    sometimes i wonder what it would take to stop the computer/software people who make it possible to give everyone else's work away for free. what if you didn't have to buy the hardware or the new mac OS, and take the wind out of that trillion dollar sail. would that be where they draw the line?
    at this rate, where is the next great groundbreaking talent going to come from? the next joni mitchell or dylan or hendrix? at your local coffeehouse playing for tips? american idol? it's the race to the bottom, the lowest common denominator. we're gutting our own future. and we will end up with what we deserve.

    •  Please don't misunderstand... (2+ / 0-)
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      esquimaux, martyc35

      I am not pro-piracy.  I have spend thousands of dollars on legal downloads from BeatPort and other stores, as well as iTunes (which I personally loathe).  But fucking with the DNS system, which already is overloaded and has its own flaws that are just waiting for some terrorist (independent or military) to exploit, is just stupid.

      The REAL tragedy to me is that our culture has come to value small digital files over accurate reproduction.  Listen to an SACD or DVD-Audio (especially something originally recorded with SACD technology) on a good system and it will bring tears to your eyes.  That kind of reproduction of good music is worth paying for.

      If people had any money, that is.

      -9.00, -5.85
      If only stupidity were painful...

      by Wintermute on Sat Jan 21, 2012 at 01:53:39 PM PST

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      •  Two points… (1+ / 0-)
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        On the value of small digital files, the aging of our population is leading to a substantial number of people who like music, but can't hear anything over 6 KHz, so the effect of compression is not as noticeable as it was when they were younger and had better hearing.  This doesn't justify producers making bad products, but it may explain why there is less outcry for higher quality audio.  I've also noticed that my grandsons are not as upset with less than the best reproduction as I was at their ages; perhaps they have learned to like what their peers are listening to.  I recall that the gutty sound of some electric guitars was the result of the musicians not having the cash to purchase non-distorting amplifiers,

        I believe that SOPA raised a much more serious issue, in that the draconian measures to suppress piracy could be applied due to a complaint unverified by due process.  While this seems to be a direction in which our government is moving, I am happy to see it resisted whenever possible.

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