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View Diary: Romney campaign busing in Mormons from D.C. to make crowds. WOW. (345 comments)

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    from the local Patch:

    Also joining Romney on the stage were his wife, Ann, and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

    McDonnell the leader of the Republican Governor's Association, who had endorsed Romney earlier in the day, came to the state as Romney was making his last push through to garner support from voters.

    Cheers erupted from folks from the Commonwealth of Virginia as their governor was introduced.

    "The best leader for America is the person I'm endorsing for president, Mitt Romney," McDonnell said to the cheering crowd. "I think there's a 100 people here from Virginia, too."...

    Among them college students from Southern Virginia University.

    Paige Cason and Micah Safsten traveled to South Carolina to stump for Romney. Cason, who is from Clover, S.C., said that last week the group decided to get on the road and get the word out about Romney.

    "We are in support of Mitt and we want to see him win," Cason said. "We went campaigning in neighborhoods in Greenville today, knocking on doors and reminding people to vote."

    Safsten said the two of them together hit about 70 houses and asked the residents to go vote.

    Pic Of SVU students

    According to the Washington Post the crowd was estimated at 400

    Romney came alive. He was fiery and seemed to speak from the heart, however rehearsed he may have been. ...And his overflow crowd of more than 400 at a Greenville banquet hall ate it up, reacting wildly throughout.

    Not hard to have a fiery crowd when you bus in 1/4 of them.

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