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View Diary: Heroic Occupiers Close BoA, Hold Off Police for 10 Hours. (136 comments)

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  •  The Civil Rights movement had (3+ / 0-)
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    JamesGG, ferg, DarkLadyNyara

    1. A leader in Dr. Martin Luther King
    2. A message that "we shall overcome"
    3. An organization and a strategy of boycotting institutions that discriminated.

    The Civil Rights movement was not a rudderless coalition of frustrated people who are calling Obama a "Nazi" in Harlem one minute, and then drumming in front of bank buildings the next.

    It's frankly insulting that you would compare the Civil Rights movement to at worst, a bunch of LaRouchites screaming obscenities at Obama in Harlem, and at best a drum circle in San Francisco where nobody needs to be sold on the idea that BofA is "evil."  

    Even when Occupy is at its best, it's still not the same movement.  This isn't the Civil Rights movement, m'kay?  It's something different and as soon as you recognize what it is, the sooner you'll be able to change more than just political rhetoric.  How the Hell are you going to change anything when you don't define and own the struggle that's in front of you? Because I'll tell you right now, the "revolution envy" that imagines OWS is the Civil Rights movement is not going to do a damned thing for anyone.

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