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View Diary: Chris Dodd threatens politicans who aren't corrupt enough to stay bought. (193 comments)

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    I'm a former professional musician and I can say with more detail than could fill a book, that these creeps never pay anyone anything. I know lots of very famous musicians - including a couple in the hall of fame - who never got paid by the music industry.

    Here's the jist of a standard music contract: the record company gets 92.5% of all sales. The artist gets 7.5%. All the costs of creating, recording, producing, promoting, the video, the tour and all other costs are billed to the artist. The music company only pays for the CD and the case. And when I was being offered record contracts, you only got paid 3.5%.  With music downloads, the record company pays virtually nothing and all costs go to the artist.

    Here's where it gets really tricky:  You sign a contract that guarantees an investment by the record contract. The standard deal for a major record label in my day was 300,000. So we are clear, that's a loan, with interest.

    But unlike a bank, you don't walk away with the money. The record company merely opens an account in its ledger with the money in the line. So you only have their word on what things cost.  

    Now, that doesn't mean anyone will hear your song on the radio. That costs more money.  When U2 came out with 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for' the record company paid a firm that produces the playlists for the major rock radio stations 400,000 dollars in order to get the song on the list.  But that doesn't mean it gets played when you are listening to the radio.

    To do that, the record company sent out its promotions team to ply each and every radio station with a host of perks (bribes), including cocaine.  That way, you hear the song at 8:45am, 10:15am, 12:30, 3:30, 5:30 and 9:30, creating the illusion its on the radio all the time, because that's when radio listenership peaks.

    Huge amounts of cocaine were used to get songs on the radio (including the song I mentioned).  I had friends who were paid off by the record company in coke (yeah, I'm calling you out 'Rick').

    So where do I find the coke in the ledger?  That's the question I asked the record company when I was offered that deal.

    And Harry Reid's carnival of whores wanted to help them out. Ain't that sweet?  

    Call it payola, call it a 'campaign contribution', a bribe is a bribe is a bribe.

    100 senators and they all belong in jail.

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