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View Diary: South Carolina predictions thread (217 comments)

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  •  Wonder what Romney's advisors (3+ / 0-)

    will tell him to do if he loses SC?  Go big in Florida?  He has to do something soon to get his own wheels to stop spinning, or he's done.  Are his strategery guys really that bad at this, or is their candidate ignoring their advice?

    •  I think you nailed it. It could be his (4+ / 0-)

      team is giving him better advice and he, Lord Romney, overrules them.

      He'll probably reach for the wallet.  That's likely his solution to everything.  

      Or he could strap Joe Biden to the roof of his car and drive from Pensacola to Key West.  

      He's got to do something to remain Lord Romney if he loses to Newt tonight.  

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