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View Diary: SC Primary Afterthoughts and Florida (324 comments)

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  •  Don't think the money problems . . . (0+ / 0-)

    will remain a significant issue for Newt -- big IF -- but IF he can pull off a win in FL.

    What happened in SC was pretty amazing considering organizational disadvantages and the compressed schedule.  This was pretty much all his high name ID, debates, and then some PAC money aiding the cause and finally equalizing the playing field.  

    Gingrich's high name ID probably minimizes some of the fundraising issues that a guy like Santorum faces.

    The Romney people have some legitimate grounds for concern.  SC posed some big challenges for him, but this was the first contest where Romney didn't have an overwhelming advantage in advertising.  If an opponent like Gingrich is even able to stay close to par with Romney the rest of the way, he can create problems for Romney (not even talking about keeping pace, but simply not getting washed out like happened in Iowa, where 3rd party groups and Romney completely overwhelmed him in the air war by 5 to 1).  

    I suspect the Romney people have realized this for quite some time too.  They thought that they had finished Gingrich off in Iowa, but the longer he survives, the stronger he is likely to get -- at least within the context of a GOP primary.

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