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  •  Seriously? (18+ / 0-)

    This feels like borderline trolling.  What exactly has Obama done that is "disgraceful to the liberal foundation" of the country?  Because here's what I've seen.

    - He achieved the holy grail of liberal achievements, which is moving the country very close to universal health care.  Every previous president that has ever tried this has gone down in flames.

    - He appointed two solidly liberal justices to the Supreme Court

    - He ended the Iraq war

    - He has rolled back a number of ugly anti-gay government initiatives, most notably Don't Ask Don't Tell.  He's also led the justice department to stop defending the DoMA.

    - He took out Osama bin Laden

    - He has helped fuel the flame of democratic revolutions in the Arab world while not being too heavy handed, notably changing US policy in that regard.

    Now, I assume you have some pet issue on which Obama hasn't done as much as you would have wanted.  But to claim that the president is "disgraceful" to liberalism is just ridiculous.

    •  meh (1+ / 0-)
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      1.  All I know about healthcare is that he pretty much guaranteed a stream of payments to insurers.  If Obama looses, the insurance companies will be the ones defending obamacare.  The youth coverage guarantee is a meaningfull improvement but harldy a landmark achievement.

      2.  We'll see about the supreme court justices.  Way too soon.

      3.  The iraq war pertty much ended on the terms W negotiated.  I give Obama credit for actually sticking to them.  Lets get the US funded mercenaries out of there now.  THEN we can talk seriously about IRAQ.

      4.  I won't argue with you about Don't ask Don't Tell.  One thing I will say is that the onlyliberal constituency which truly advances its cause these days are the LGBT groups.  The advocate policy and don't care who the personality is -- it is the only serious approach.

      5.  Bin Laden?  Meh.  Time opportunity and the odds finally got Bin Laden.  Glad he's dead.  More importantly he has kept us in essentially the same post 9-11 posture as W's adminstration.  Gitmo, the Patriot Act, detaining American citizens without due process, reversing course on civil trials and failing ton defend the US Court system when a rational verdict was returned in the first trial (pathetic).  All bullshit.  No liberalism or liberties.  

      6.  Sounds like Bush.  Expanding some wars.  Starting others.  I am not saying it is a negative but the keystone of US foriegn policy (and domestic security) is middle east polciy and his unwillingness to move off the block on israel is telling.  His unwilingness to commit to a massive renewables campain domestically is equally telling.  Meet the new boss.

      Pet issues?  Seriously?  Tax policy?  Lowering estate taxes (when no one in the whole fucking country was asking for it)??? WTF?  Giving the rich 2 more years of unwarranted tax cuts (which are unjustifiable under ANY economic theory).  Why:  Because he is unwilling or unable to articulate the central principals of liberalism.  Escalating John Boener to co-president.  Failing to meet the jobs or mortgage crisis with direct government action (he either is a reagan supplyside fixes all woes guy or he was too chicken to fucking do the right and effective thing).  Leaders use crisis to both address the immediate issue and also to address the underlying institutional problems.  The absence of liberal government and the absence of tax fairness in the US over the past 30 years (along with rampant miitarism and crony capitalism) is the cause of the nations debt crisis and our fall from greatness.  Obama failed to rise to the challenge and opportunity presented.  As someone else said, when we needed greatness, we got a moderate 90'2 era republican.  Pathetic.

      Glad you joined kos.  Appreciate your sharing but call me a troll?  F-you.


      •  Meh. (0+ / 0-)
        All I know about healthcare is that he pretty much guaranteed a stream of payments to insurers.

        It seems to me, based on the medical loss ratios, the cheques being sent back to ordinary citizens and the insurers pulling out of the market that he did anything but. - Where Pragmatic Progressives are now Regrouping - Clear thinking liberals welcome

        by ultraviolet uk on Sun Jan 22, 2012 at 09:38:56 AM PST

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