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  •  there's something else odd about Romney... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...he has positioned himself as the virtual "inevitable" nominee (which in itself is a problem...see previous "inevitable" nominees' histories (i.e. Hillary Clinton, George Romney, etc.)...but the thing that keeps gnawing at me is why Romney could conceivably even have been considered a "frontrunner" to begin with. He has won a total of one general election in his entire governor of a small state, and then declined to run for re-election because it was a pretty sure bet he would lose (want to bet $10,000 on that?) any case...Romney does not have one tiny bit of foreign policy experience and has only four years in elective office as governor of a small state (even Ronald Reagan, as former California governor, served a longer time in office and by virtue of its size could claim some kind of foreign policy experience). (P.S. Being head of the Olympics committee does not constitute "foreign policy experience" no matter how you try to spin it).


    •  in other words...he's as empty of an empty suit (1+ / 0-)
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      as you can possibly be...and if you listen to his superficial rhetoric (which, basically, consists of recycled lines and comments from a variety of presidential candidates over the years)... could anyone have believed this person to be some kind of substantial candidate? He's right there in the same category as Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle in my book, in terms of being a major political lightweight.

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