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  •  Voter suppression + gerrymandering (1+ / 0-)
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    Matt Z

    When the demographic trends are as bad for Republicans as they are, and they nevertheless continue to damage their brand with appeals to racist, know-nothing voters, they are betting the ranch on anti-democratic strategies.  In addition to gerrymandering, we see them apply widespread vote suppression tactics.  As the election draws nearer, I am sure all of that will be reinforced with dirty tricks and advertising intended to confuse and deter Democratic voters.  

    Democrats should not take it for granted that the targets of these anti-democratic efforts will know they are targeted and will see that their interests are directly damaged thereby.  Our party needs to point and shout now to make it easier to call out anti-democratic dirty tricks during the heat of the campaign's closing and to build the base's emotional response to systematic efforts to deny them their rights.  Republicans are working hard to stoke their base's anger now.  Well, I'm angry too.  If we're going to contest with people who are girding their loins, our side should not be preparing to reason together with them.  

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