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View Diary: New Gingrich, the Great Racial Uniter (138 comments)

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    Newt reminds me of Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA, who has been forced  to delve deeply into conspiracy theories about this president. LaPierre posits the theory that Obama has not taken away your guns in his first term only as a ploy to lull you into complacency; LaPierre claims that if Obama is re-elected, his first act will be to take away your guns! Um, right.

    Gingrich's claims about Obama being some radical out to destroy the America we love is equally far fetched, but will resonate with a certain segment of America, like LaPierre's claims will.

    That segment of America isn't a majority, though. And it isn't even a majority of those who make it a habit to vote.

    The thing is, Romney is going to have to make his already pretty intemperate rhetoric even hotter to match Newt, which will similarly doom Romney in a general election.

    That skinny guy with the big ears in the White House? He is one lucky dude.

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