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View Diary: Megaupload Take-Down, Copyright and IP, and Why SOPA / PIPA Are Still Bad Law (25 comments)

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  •  Perfect, and par for the course! (0+ / 0-)

    Don't have the facts, so you equate me with folks we both can't stand.  People like me?  Funny.

    I base my debate on facts that are inconvenient for those who are still Obama supporters. A few years ago many of these same folks were vehemently against the same policies he is now neck deep in.  Must be tough ignoring the facts about your hero... but not nearly as tough as the harsh reality of his betrayal... at least for all decent thinking people who find actual policy more important than pathetic partisan politics.


    •  facts (0+ / 0-)

      President Obama has done what he can do while dealing with an intransigent Congress... did you miss that part maybe?

      •  No, I did not miss that part. (0+ / 0-)

        Did congress make him expand the drone wars, murder US citizens, and surround himself with wall street pirates?  Did they make him split up more immigrant families than Bush ever did?  Did they make him continue the stupid war on drugs? Blaming the obviously ignorant and evil republicans for Obama's extremes is lazy.

        And by the way, your original comment of "Fuck Greenwald" suggests that perhaps you do not realize he is in a committed relationship and would probably not be interested in you in any case....


        •  Again... (0+ / 0-)

          Your ideology is the degree of separation.

          Expanding the drone attacks means that Al Qaeda has been decimated.

          You say "murder"... I say that Alwaki  joined the enemy and was an enemy combatant who contributed to military force against the US and it's allies in a WAR - even if the war is of a different type than previously engaged.

          If you are here illegally... you take the risk of being deported.

          He never claimed he would end the war on drugs and that is not a part of the Democratic Party platform.

          •  No expanding drone attacks means (0+ / 0-)

            more innocent lives destroyed, including women and children, and more recruits for anti-American forces.  Alwaki was never convicted much less tried for anything.  His 16 year old son was murdered shortly after he was along with a young friend.  This is not justice, it is murder and terrorism.

            The way you can figure this out is by changing the names of the players.  Canada wants to kill suspected terrorists inside the US and ends up killing your neighbors by accident.  Are you for that?

            The deportation of thousands separates children from the their parents.  Were they guilty of crossing an imaginary line in the earth too?  You would make a fine republican with your  lack of empathy for the innocent and all.  But don't worry, you do not have to change parties.  The democratic party is going your way.


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