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View Diary: Wall Street Fraternity Mocks OWS and Laughs About Job Creation (146 comments)

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  •  "Entitled Class of Wall St. Financiers & Corporate (15+ / 0-)

    CEO's".  I'm watching Bill Moyers interview of David Stockton, former budget director under Reagan & that's a quote from Stockton.  

    The program is discussing "Crony Capitalism".

    He said in past Corporations weren't like now.  Now Corporations feel "Entitled"--to do what they want and that they are "Entitled" to (Federal Bailouts)

    "It's not a free market--its a system run by powerful political and corporate forces"... Free markets aren't free--They've been bought and paid for by large financial institutions.  

    Entitled Class of WW st financiers and corporate CEO's that feels the govt is there to do whatever it takes in order to keep the game going and their stock price going up....

    True free market capitalists don't go to Washington for a Bailout...  They expect consequences....

    Stockman's solutions?:

    Ban corporations from elections... only way around this is a Constitutional Amendment.... Nothing is going to change until we get money out of politics, and the way elections are financed.  If we don't address that, crony capitalism is herefor the duration.  

    BTW, Stockton said "It could happen again"  regarding the financial meltdown.  Gretchen Morgenson is on now, and Moyers asked her if "it could happen again".  She responded:

    It will happen again...the response was so lame and so ineffectual, that it will happen again. The big powered monied institutions are in control.  You & I don't have a lobbyist...  (Re: Wall St. institutions complaining...:)  They should sit down & shut up.

    Guess what Wall St?  We're not laughing, and and growing numbers of us have "had enough".  

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