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View Diary: "Military Spouses Shouldn't Need Jobs" - A Progressive Military Wife Perspective (108 comments)

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  •  Food allowance is actually (2+ / 0-)
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    Roadbed Guy, happymisanthropy

    for married soldiers that do not access the mess hall.  

    Not sure where you get the idea it is for unmarried soldiers?  Unmarried single soldiers usually lower ranks have meals provided on base through the dining facility.   It is given as a non taxable monthly stipend in the pay.

    Of course it has nothing to do with family makeup, but is not for unmarried soldiers it is the value of what the government would pay if that soldier was to eat in the dining facility.

    We were active duty for 22 yrs and we got it every month!

    •  Maybe I've got it wrong... (2+ / 0-)
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      wishingwell, Morgan Sandlin

      I was thinking food allowance referred to the benefit of going to the mess hall and was putting a monetary value on that.

      I have never heard of married soldiers getting money for food for their families. Could be something I missed growing up because it never came up in conversation and now, as an officer's wife, we don't get it. Is it sort of like the uniform allowance?

      •  BAS (3+ / 0-)
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        angelajean, ssgbryan, Hear Our Voices

        Basic Allowance for Subsistence is paid to both officers & enlisted. In the Navy & Coast Guard, if you are enlisted and assigned aboard ship, you do not receive it. However, you eat all your meals and snacks and mid-rats (midnight rations, for those with overnight watches) for free. Officers receive a smaller BAS amount regardless, but they have to cut a check each month to pay for all the shipboard meals they've eaten.

        Not sure how it may work in the other services.

        •  You made me go look it up... (3+ / 0-)
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          Morgan Sandlin, Actbriniel, ladybug53

          and here it is plain as day,

          BAS is meant to offset costs for a member's meals. This allowance is based in the historic origins of the military in which the military provided room and board (or rations) as part of a member's pay. This allowance is not intended to offset the costs of meals for family members.

          Beginning on January 1 2002, all enlisted members get full BAS, but pay for their meals (including those provided by the government). This is the culmination of the BAS Reform transition period.

          Because BAS is intended to provide meals for the service member, its level is linked to the price of food. Therefore, each year it is adjusted based upon the increase of the price of food as measured by the USDA food cost index. This is why the increase to BAS will not necessarily be the same percentage as that applied to the increase in the pay table, as annual pay raises are linked to the increase of private sector wages.

          I should have remember this but didn't. It got lost in the back of memory somewhere. Shows you that I am not the one who reviews the monthly pay statement... I only watch what goes into the bank.

          Apologies to all... I see that back in 2002 that free mess hall went away and that this allowance is used to pay for that as well. I learned and 're'-learned a lot today.

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