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View Diary: "Military Spouses Shouldn't Need Jobs" - A Progressive Military Wife Perspective (108 comments)

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  •  issue is not luring more into the military with $ (0+ / 0-)

    I believe the real answer is to stop having so many wars of choice. We should not be luring  people into the military by making salaries and benefits so much higher than the typical high school graduate is able to get.

    In answer to your question I am sure he was enlisted but I don't know his classification.

    •  The first step is to stop wars of choice (0+ / 0-)

      but I don't think that will take away the need for a US Military anytime soon.

      As to the money issue:

      Most military members, especially young ones with family, are not lured into the military by the salary. Some are attracted by the health care, I do admit. Especially those that have children born or married to spouses with health care issues that are hard to get covered. (I wonder how that will change with the new health care laws?)

      It used to be many joined because of the education benefits and the chance to go to school in your off time... not so much anymore with the deployment schedules. Makes it tough. But the GI bill makes college look possible for many.

      But if it's money that is the motivating factor, it makes more sense to get your training and then leave and go work for a company like Xe. Or maybe become a cop in a state with a good pension plan, where you can retire at 50 and not need a second job. Military retirement is at 40 but is not enough to live off of. The vast majority of people who join do so to serve the nation.

      I'm not asking for drastic changes in the salary schedule... I am asking that junior enlisted families be able to afford to feed their kids off the salaries they earn.

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