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View Diary: So You Think Occupy Wall Street Has Faded? Think Again. (184 comments)

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  •  OccupyTucson still physically occupies the (20+ / 0-)

    sidewalks in front of Pancho Villa park 24/7, we still have our GAs there, still have working group meetings there and the nearby library. We have actions every week.

    We are still building it. It's only been a few months!

    Here in Tucson, I'd say we have about 50 hardcore activists who are involved on a daily basis, the people I call 'survivors'. Survivors of all the mayhem, disorganization, personality conflicts, media blackouts, police harassment, and splintering.    

    I understand others either prefer to let others take the lead and show up only to actions, either out of time constraints or whatever.  

    There are also many others that have real trouble working with people who you may not agree with on many issues, may not like very much.  Others have been willing to give up on the movement because some other people are egotistical jerks.  

    Nothing in a revolution is ever going to be perfect or easy or fun all the time.  

    If you think Occupy is not doing something you think should be done, then YOU are obligated to get up and do it.  

    If the Occupy in your town is not active or is dwindling it is because most of you have let it become that way.  

    Yes, news alert, there are Paulites, and tea partiers, and conspiracy theorists, and the seriously mentally ill, but I have the courage of my convictions to talk to everyone, debate with them, work with them where we agree.  

    Out of the swirling, unformed mass of the initial period of high energy now comes nuclei-building.  

    I got 50 new activist friends  (I call them my 'people who get shit done' working group!)

    Go to your next local GA, strike up a conversation with someone who appears to be involved and has it together, exchange contact info, plan something, and DO IT.

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