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View Diary: Diaries with most impact April 2 - April 8 2005 (21 comments)

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  •  But. but.... (none)
    Most diaries won't get very many comments unless and until they get to the recommended list which requires at least enough recommends to get there.  In the early stages of a diary's life, at least, recommends should get more weight than comments; making the list drives many more people to the diary.

    Your diary is a good example of this.  It was cooking along rather nicely on its own but once it hit the recommended list -- kablooey! -- the pot really started boil.  I agree that once this happens the number of recommends for a diary such as yours is less indicative of its "impact" than the number of comments.

    Also, there are many different types of diaries and you may be limiting your thinking to one particular type.  I don't have a name for them, but they discuss hotbutton issues and generate a lot of swirl and controversy.  I love them (as I did yours) simply for the heat (and sometimes even light) that erupts in them.  But there are other diaries, I'll call them "how-to" diaries, that generate huge readership, have lots of impact, but don't generate great numbers of comments.  Weighting comments heavier for these diaries would do them a disservice.

    Someone with access to site records could count page visits, time spent per page, etc.  That might give us a better handle on impact.

    Now, if only jotter could come up with a counters for "number of comments made by people other than numskulls, idiots and assholes" and "recommends other than dog turds."

    •  You make good points (none)
      across the board.  Hmmm.  Guess I'll stay outta trying to refine Jotter's work.  lol.  

      Thanks for the nice comments, too.  

      Wake up and smell the jackboots, sheeple!

      by lightiris on Sun Apr 10, 2005 at 07:39:42 PM PDT

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    •  Eddie (none)
      good answers!

      I hadn't thought about the early vs late weighting for recommends vs comments.  Probably because I couldn't implement that anyway, since I don't have access to that data.  I have a hard enough time keeping the comments and recommends straight.

      Are your arguing for a "them that has gets" mojo economy?  The more mojo you have, the more weight your recommends and comments should get?

      So, what do you think about impact vs recommends?

      •  I don't think I mentioned mojo. (none)
        And I would hope that mojo has nothing to do with it.  The rating system is fraught with enough issues of its own without using it as an objective measure for anything else.

        Stick with recommends and numbers of comments.  They are plenty quirky enough.

        •  yes but (none)
          how else to sort the user wheat from the chaff as suggested in your last 'graph?  You don't really expect me to do it, do you?

          Anyway I heartily agree with you - I wouldn't want to mess with mojo!

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