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View Diary: Diaries with most impact April 2 - April 8 2005 (21 comments)

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  •  More suggested tweaking (none)
    Do you have any way to know that a diary made it to the "recommend list"?
    Could you do a list of those that did and those that did not?

    And as a separate question... would it make sense to provide in the second list the number of recommends by a given author outside of your list, in addition to the total number of recommends? (That would be a way for those so inclined to weed out the supposed "dog turd" recommends mentioned above?! - not that I endorse that term in any way!!!)

    in the long run, we're all dead (Keynes)

    by Jerome a Paris on Mon Apr 11, 2005 at 08:40:20 AM PDT

    •  tweakage (none)
      I don't track the official recommend list at present, so there's no way for me to track differences in fate depending on that.  Although that would be interesting, I think theres enough work involved to place it very high on my list of things to do.

      Run that second request by my again?  I'm not sure I understand the question.  Must be this stuff on my shoe .. eeww!

      •  to place it / NOT to place it? on your list... (none)
        re the first point?

        As regards my second point, I was suggesting to list for each author the total number of recommends and diaries, then the number of diaries in the list above, with the corresponding number of recommends, and then the number of other diaries with their number of recommends.

        It would be interesting if you saw appear some frequent writers that have a regular band of followers but don't make it often into the big leagues. Diaries like bonddad's economic news of the day are typical of that, maybe there are others that were not caught yet (by me anyway)

        in the long run, we're all dead (Keynes)

        by Jerome a Paris on Mon Apr 11, 2005 at 12:31:12 PM PDT

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