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  •  Yes and Watergate and Nixon did not destroy them (2+ / 0-)
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    newjeffct, flavor411

    although many of my professors said that it would. I remember going to Democratic meetings in the 70s, as a college student and then as a grad student and then as a young professional...believing and cheering for a splinter, more weakness and the end of the Republican Primary. Not only were we wrong, along came Republican and we lost some Democrats and Independents began to left right more and voted for him and for more Repubs.

    •  I meant along came Reagan and Republicans (2+ / 0-)
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      newjeffct, plf515

      grew and got stronger.  We sadly lost some of our Democrats but the good news, we gained New Democrats. Each year, a child turns 18 and we need them and we can continue to grow the party as the younger a voter is, the better chance we have of getting them to register and vote for Democrats. But we need to continue to reach out to these kids constantly and ask for their help with GOTV and voter registration.

      Ie we cannot afford to ignore New Democrats and Young Democrats and Occasional Voters.

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