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View Diary: Sen. Rand Paul to make a federal case (literally) about his airport detainment (135 comments)

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  •  But even a clock that's stopped .... etc. (5+ / 0-)

    And you know about Hitler and the Volkswagen: "Not ALL his ideas were bad."

    So think what you may about  Les Paules, pere et fils ...  

    Why NOT program random buzzes into the magnetometer machines so to make the Security Theatre more exciting for everyone.  It would keep the agents on their toes, and reenforce the lessonto Repect the Authoritas for the people standing on line.

    Who knows ... incidents like this may persuade "someone" that what TSA needs more personnel on the payroll and more of those backscatter x-ray soft porn machines at a few hundred thousand bucks a piece.

    After all ... airport security screening is one of the few Enterprises that cannot be outsourced to Asia.

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