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View Diary: Scientists Synthesize Airborne Virulent H5N1 Flu Virus; Gov't Asks for Publication Ban. (34 comments)

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    •  and, like Pandora's Box, the good stuff is at... (2+ / 0-)
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      .... the bottom of the page.

      Well that's good news, finally.

      However we still need policy to address this.

      I would favor a global treaty whereby this kind of work can only be done within, and published to, a restricted community of individuals who are tightly vetted and cleared, working in classified labs.  

      Once they get to the point of developing a vaccine or treatment, that outcome can be auctioned off to Pharma with a requirement that the winner must put the vaccine or treatment into mass production immediately and make it available to the world with a limited profit margin.  

      This gets us our vaccines and treatments, and gives Pharma the tradeoff of zero financial risk in exchange for a fixed percentage of profit, and prevents the background scientific work from ending up in the hands of bioterrorists before vaccines or treatments are available.  

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