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View Diary: Court to Vermont: "Drop Dead" (200 comments)

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  •  One who really "understands" nuclear power... (12+ / 0-)

    would be totally unsurprised at this kind of maintenance failure.  This industry has been in failure mode since its inception and only the coercive policies of the NRC keeps the lid on news and information, safely away from the mostly disinterested public, so that no realistic policies will ever be identified and implemented.  
    A great quote I read during the Fukashima debacle was

    "The first thing to melt down during a nuclear incident is the truth."
    Which has been proven absolutely true every single time we have even been informed about a nuclear "event."

    And then comes winging this flying turdette,

    "There hasn't been a single death associated with VY since it began operation."

    Well, that's great.  Instead of having some horrible accident with bodies and obvious destruction,  we have instead the insidious upwardly creeping death rate for millions of people with slowly increasing cancer rates as we raise the effective background radiation flux for the whole environment.  
    Not to render your statement as basic corporate denialist whitewashing, no...
    Well, maybe yes. And perhaps well deserved at that.

    No Nukes!

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