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View Diary: Mitt Romney's tax rate is less than 15% despite earning $42.5 million (185 comments)

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    Is that where they hide the "book" with golden pages, that an angel directed Joseph Smith to dug up in some cornfield, (though the first time he tried to recover the "book", he was struck to the ground, some say as many as three times, by A LARGE TOAD (or toad-like creature), that came out of the stone (or iron) box the "book" was in, and grew large enough to strike Joseph to the ground, up to three times) and only he could "read" (the golden pages WERE written in "Reformed Egyptian", mind you - that's a tough language to decipher, since it does not, nor has it ever, actually existed, so it seems) by sticking his face in a hat with a "seeing stone" in it, and dictated the "translation" to some other guy sitting behind a blanket suspended from the ceiling, or did Joseph give the "book" back to "the angel" as demanded?  I'm just curious.

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