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  •  Lower immigration helps everyone (2+ / 0-)
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    ban nock, ConcernedCitizenYouBet

    And yet, lower immigration, BOTH legal and illegal, would help the entire country except employers.  When you consider employment, education and health costs, use of govt services, terrorism, disease, language issues, population congestion, etc. how can you come to any other conclusion?  

    Self deportation is a valid concept.  If jobs and benefits are taken away from immigrants, they will simply go back to where they came from.  They did after all, have a way to get here in the first place.  

    Lower immigration would especially help our employment situation.  Has it ever made sense to let in 1.5 to 2 million new immigrants each year at a time of  high unemployment and budget crisis?  Heck, even today employers will often insist they can't find qualified US workers and MUST bring in the foreigners.  And of course it's a "coincidence" the foreigners will come overwhelmingly from the low wage countries (forget Japan or Western Europe)!!

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